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Cleaning and unblocking the steam wand

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Perfectly textured milk is one of the secrets to the velvety texture and exceptional mouthfeel of third wave specialty coffee. The milk balances out the espresso, taming any bitterness and allowing the nuances to shine. The Barista Pro™ makes it easy to steam your milk under sufficient pressure to form thousands of tiny bubbles, resulting in ideally textured milk. To ensure your textured milk is always perfectly delicious, it is essential to keep the steam wand clean. Follow along as our host describes and demonstrates how to do so. First, wipe down the steam wand with a clean, damp towel. Then return it to the upright position over the drip tray. Next, turn the steam dial to the steam position for a few seconds. Steam will pour through the wand, cleansing any milk residue from inside the steam wand. We recommend that you wipe down and steam purge the milk steam wand before and after each use. This ensures a professional barista-made quality coffee, each and every time!

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