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Unboxing and parts

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Unboxing your new Barista Pro™ is the first step on your journey to making your own third wave specialty coffee in your own home. Each part of the machine plays a special role in making the process simple and the rewards delicious. Once you're acquainted with your new tools, you’ll soon be brewing like a pro. To start, you'll want to open the box and lay it on its side. Use the flap to cushion the machine as you slide it out of the box. You’ll find everything you need to create full-bodied, flavorful coffee and maintain your machine in peak condition. Your Barista Pro™ comes complete with a stainless steel milk jug for creating perfectly textured milk, dual-wall and single-wall filter baskets, 1- and 2- cup measuring cups, a water filter, and water tank. An included water hardness test strip and descaler help you determine if your water quality is ideal for making coffee. You’ll also find a cleaning disc, cleaning brush, and cleaning tablets for maintaining your machine. Finally, your product comes with a tamper and our precision dose-trimming tool, The Razor™. Keep all your tools and components organized in the handy tray we’ve included, and complete the unboxing process by thoroughly washing and drying your new Barista Pro™ and its accessories. Soon you'll be enjoying café-quality drinks, right from your own home!

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Find your perfect cup, take our quiz.Click here