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How to clean and unblock the steam wand

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The secret to delicious, barista-quality coffee is textured milk infused with hundreds of tiny bubbles. By steaming milk at just the right temperature and adding air to the process, you’ll be creating your own, perfectly textured milk to smooth out the flavor of your coffee, adding a creamy texture and superb mouthfeel. Perfectly textured milk is also essential for creating latte art to top your favorite coffee beverages.You must keep the steam wand clean and clear of any blockage, so it is always ready to complete your next brew with a perfect dollop of textured milk. Follow along with our video as we demonstrate how to clean and unblock the steam wand. We recommend you follow this procedure after each use of the steam wand. If any of the tiny holes in the steam wand become blocked, use the tool we included with The Barista Pro™ to remove and unclog the steam wand tip. By performing this cleaning after each time you steam milk, you will always be ready to create the perfect textured milk to top your favorite coffee beverage!

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