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How to clean grinder conical burrs

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Regularly cleaning all of the components of the Barista Pro™ helps to ensure every cup of third wave coffee you brew is perfect. Loose coffee beans, loose grounds, and coffee oils tend to build up, so we recommend you clean the machine each time you brew. Follow along as our host and a professional barista demonstrate how to clean the grinder conical burrs, which are essential for achieving more consistently ground beans and an overall better espresso extraction. First, remove the hopper and clean out any loose coffee beans. Then replace the empty hopper and lock it into place. Adjust the grind size dial to the maximum coarseness at level 30 and then run the grinder until it's completely empty. Remove the hopper again, then reach in and remove the upper burr by lifting the wire arm and twisting it counterclockwise. Next, clean both the upper and lower burrs using the burr brush and then remove the fan using the tamp removal magnet and clean the grind outlet using the grind outlet brush. Return the upper burr into position, and lock it. Then replace and lock the hopper. Finally, return the grind setting dial to the level you prefer. Your machine is now ready to brew another cup of delicious coffee!

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