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How to clean the shower screen

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The shower screen of your Barista Pro™ is responsible for dispersing—or showering—hot water onto the puck of your coffee grounds. An even, gentle dispersal is best for creating the perfect espresso extraction. That's why it is essential to keep the shower screen clean of loose grounds and coffee oil buildup. We recommend that you clean the shower screen at the end of each brewing session. Follow along as Leo Schmidt, a professional barista, demonstrates the simple process for cleaning the shower screen so you can enjoy an exceptional cup of brew. To clean the shower screen, first set an empty filter basket into the portafilter, and then insert them both into the group head. Next, place an empty cup under the extractor. Press the '1-Cup' button on the touchscreen. This will begin pouring a stream of hot water through the shower screen. After five seconds, touch the '1-Cup' button again to stop the stream of water. Finally, remove the portafilter and rinse it and the filter basket thoroughly. These simple steps help to ensure you’ll enjoy great flavor with every cup of coffee you make.

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