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How to perform a clear water backflush

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Nothing should come between you and the full-bodied flavor of your next cup of third-wave coffee, so it is essential to keep The Barista Pro™ and its components clean and free from the buildup of coffee residue. We recommend that you perform a clear water backflush after each brewing session to clean any loose grounds, coffee oils and other residues from the espresso machine. Follow along as we demonstrate this simple procedure. 1) Prepare The Barista Pro™ for the backflush by first emptying the drip tray into the sink. 2) Next, you’ll learn how to use the grey silicone cleaning disk that came with the machine. It should be fitted into the filter basket and portafilter, and then you can lock the entire unit into place in the group head. 3) Finally, you will learn how to initiate the backflush using the 1 Cup button. This process causes the espresso maker to force the water through its system and finally into the drip tray. 4) Follow the procedure 4-5 times. Congrats! You have successfully done the clear water backflush, leaving the machine clean and ready to brew another sensational cup of coffee.

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