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How to replace the water filter

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Delicious, third-wave specialty coffee depends as much on the quality of the water you use as it does upon the roasted coffee beans you choose. That’s why we have outfitted The Barista Pro™ with a water filtration system. Each filter processes the water that flows through it for 90 days, or 10.6 gallons of water. At that time, you’ll need to change the water filter. Replacing the water filter is a simple process, and we will show you how! First, remove and empty the water tank. Next, remove the used filter from its housing and discard the old filter. Set the new filter to the current month. This serves as a handy way to know how long the filter has been in use. Next, reassemble the filter components and be sure to click them firmly into place. Next, return the water filter housing to the water tank, and click it securely into place. Now, refill the water tank up to the 'Fill' line, and allow the water to stand for about five minutes. Finally, reinsert the water tank into the espresso machine. The Barista Pro™ is now ready to brew delicious coffee for another 90 days (or 10.6 gallons).

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