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Balancing your extraction

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Perfectly extracted espresso is the result of Breville's 4 keys formula for creating delicious third wave coffee at home. The Barista Pro™ makes it simple to achieve that perfect extraction. Follow along as our host consults a professional barista who explains how to “dial-in” the optimal extraction for balanced, full-bodied flavor. As Leo Schmidt, professional barista, explains, the ideal extraction depends upon the ambient air temperature, relative humidity, and the age of the roasted coffee beans. You’ll want to monitor this setting at all times and be ready to adjust where needed to ensure each cup you brew is perfect. If the espresso pours too quickly into the cup, the grind is too coarse and the espresso is under-extracted and you will need to decrease to a finer grind size (counterclockwise). If the espresso pours too slowly, it is over-extracted due to the grind being too fine. In this scenario, you will need to adjust the grind dial to a coarser grind setting. These simple adjustments help you to dial in the optimal extraction to achieve beautifully balanced espresso.

Find your perfect cup, take our quiz.

Find your perfect cup, take our quiz.Click here