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Choosing the right beans

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Your new Barista Pro™ puts the skill and knowledge of professional baristas to work for you as you create extraordinary, third wave specialty coffee from your own home. Since nothing is so essential to quality coffee than the beans you choose, our professional roaster shares the secrets to selecting the ideal beans for your coffee. Think freshness is the number one concern? Think again. Follow along as we explain when and why coffee beans are at their peak flavor. You’ll soon see why you should choose beans with the roast date displayed, rather than a “use by” or a “best by” date. Next, we explain the regional impact on flavor profile, specifically the differences between coffee beans from South America and those from Africa. South American beans are low-acidity, with a medium to heavy body, whereas African beans generally produce a more delicate, acidic brew. Explore the different flavor properties of beans from different origins and choose your favorites. Perhaps you’ll decide to create your own blend of varietals, just as the pros do.

Find your perfect cup, take our quiz.

Find your perfect cup, take our quiz.Click here