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How to create latte art

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You can also use the Barista Pro™ to create beautiful latte art to crown your favorite coffee drink in your own home. Follow along as Leo Schmidt, a professional barista, explains the secrets and techniques of latte art. No matter how simple or complex the pattern, all latte art depends upon essential 'ingredients.' First, you’ll need perfectly extracted espresso. Next is textured milk, with the final ingredient being plenty of practice. Begin by holding your cup at an angle to increase the surface area. Next, begin pouring the microfoam milk from several inches above the surface of the coffee. Continue pouring in a slow, steady stream. As the cup starts to fill, slowly straighten the cup. Next, bring the spout of the milk jug closer, nearly touching the coffee as you continue to pour. At this point, a large dot will begin to form on the surface of the coffee. Congratulations on creating your first 'dot!' The Dot is the first step toward making The Heart, The Tulip, and The Rosetta. Keep it up and you'll soon impress all your friends and neighbors with delicious, full-bodied, and nuanced third wave coffee featuring these beautiful latte artworks.

Find your perfect cup, take our quiz.

Find your perfect cup, take our quiz.Click here