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Cleaning and unblocking the steam wand

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Textured milk is the perfect complement to enjoying third wave specialty coffee as the velvety texture balances out the flavor of the espresso beautifully. To ensure your milk is at its very best every time, make sure to keep the steam wand clean. This video demonstrates the simple care your steam wand needs to remain at peak efficiency. After each use of the steam wand to create perfectly textured milk, take the following steps to keep it clean. First, wipe down the wand with a clean, damp towel. Then, reposition the wand in the upright position over the drip tray. Next, on the 'Menu' screen, tap the milk icon. This will cause the machine to purge the wand with hot water and steam, eliminating all traces of used milk. This simple, effective, two-step process keeps your steam wand clean and fresh, so you're ready to make your next cup of perfect latte.

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Find your perfect cup, take our quiz.Click here