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Barista Touch

Unboxing and parts

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Unboxing the Barista Touch™ is taking your first step on the path to creating third wave specialty coffee at home. Acquaint yourself with the essential tools you will use to brew a perfect cup of espresso and maintain your machine. In this video, we'll present each of the accessories that complete your Barista Touch™ and turn you into a home barista. In every box, you will find a stainless steel milk jug for creating velvety textured milk; a cleaning disc, cleaning brush, and cleaning tablets to maintain your machine at peak performance; dual-wall and single-wall filter baskets; measuring cups (1-cup and 2-cups); water filter and holder; a tool to clean the steamer tip; a water hardness test strip; descaler; and tamper. The machine also comes with The Razor™, our famous precision dose trimming tool. You can keep all your coffee accessories and cleaning tools organized in the handy tray included with your Barista Touch™. Finish off the unboxing process by thoroughly washing your new machine and accessories. You’re now ready to learn how to assemble and install your new Barista Touch™!

Find your perfect cup, take our quiz.

Find your perfect cup, take our quiz.Click here