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Filter basket rinse

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To ensure your Barista Touch™ delivers exquisite, third wave specialty coffee every time, it is vital to keep the machine and its parts and accessories clean and free from coffee bean oils and residue buildup. We demonstrate how to perform a filter basket rinse before and after each coffee brewing session. Remember, brewing delicious coffee like a barista means cleaning like one too! First, make sure your filter basket and the portafilter are both cooled. Next, rinse them thoroughly in hot water, using a gentle scrub brush if necessary to get all residue to rinse free. You may notice some of the tiny holes in the filter basket have become blocked. In this case, dissolve one of the cleaning tablets that came with your machine in hot water. Set the filter basket and the portafilter in the cleansing solution and soak them for 20 minutes. Rinse both pieces thoroughly in hot water and dry them well before your next use.

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