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Group head purge

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Brewing exceptional third wave coffee like a barista means cleaning and caring for your tools as a barista does. Purging the group head at the beginning and end of each brewing session is an essential step toward maintaining your machine; otherwise, coffee bean oils and residue can build up, preventing the smooth, clean functioning of your Barista Touch™. Fortunately, your machine makes maintenance simple. First, insert a clean, dry filter basket into the portafilter. Next, insert and lock the portafilter into the group head. Touch the 'Brew' button, and allow hot, clean water to flow into the group head for five seconds. Touch the 'Brew' button again to stop the flow of water. Congratulations, you have purged the group head! This step serves to clean the group head of coffee residue and stabilize the water temperature before you brew. We recommend cleansing the group head before and after each brewing session.

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