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How to clean and unblock the steam wand

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Perfectly textured milk elevates excellent coffee to sublime, but it won't happen unless your machine is clean. Learn how to clean the steam wand on the Barista Touch™ and remove occasional blockages so you can always enjoy beautifully steamed milk at the touch of a button. After every use of the steam wand, wipe it down thoroughly with a clean, damp towel. Then, return the wand to the upright position over the drip tray. Next, on the touch screen, tap 'Milk' to purge the wand with hot, steaming water. You should complete this two-step cleaning after each time you use the steam wand. If some of the wand's holes become blocked, this will impair its ability to texture the milk. To unblock the steam wand, unscrew the tip of the cleaned wand. Soak the tip in hot, clean water for five minutes before using the steam tip cleaning tool to clean the tiny holes in the end of the wand. Finally, replace the cleaned tip on the steam wand, and you're once again ready to create perfectly textured milk.

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