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How to clean grinder conical burrs

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Brewing delicious coffee like a barista means you need to clean like one too! Your Barista Touch™ is equipped with a conical burr grinder for superior quality coffee. Keeping the conical burr clean along with the rest of the machine will ensure you are always ready to brew an exceptional cup of coffee. We demonstrate how to thoroughly clean the components of the burr grinder. Since cleaning involves removing the hopper, this is an excellent time to clean the hopper as well! Before removing the upper burr for cleaning, ensure the system is free of loose beans by switching to the coarsest setting and running the grinder empty. Unlocking the upper burr to remove it can be a bit difficult, as loose grounds make the burr difficult to twist. Use a firm, steady pressure to rotate the handle clockwise. Thoroughly clean the upper and lower conical burrs with the burr brush included with your machine. Now you can refill the hopper with fresh coffee beans to enjoy a delicious cup of brew.

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Find your perfect cup, take our quiz.Click here