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How to perform a clear water backflush

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Maintaining and cleaning your Barista Touch™ is essential for keeping it ready to produce the best coffee you've ever enjoyed. To ensure nothing comes between you and the full-bodied flavor of your coffee, we recommend completing a clear water backflush of the system at the end of each brewing session. This removes any coffee oil residue buildup so your machine is always ready to brew another exceptional cup of brew. First, empty and rinse the drip tray. Next, set the grey silicone cleaning disk into the portafilter basket, and insert the portafilter back into the group head. Then, on the touch screen, tap 'Brew' to begin running hot water through the system. After about 20 seconds, tap 'Brew' again, which discharges the water back into the drip tray. Repeat this process another 3-4 times for optimum results.

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