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How to replace the water filter

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Perfectly filtered water is essential for enjoying smooth, full-bodied coffee without the bitterness. The Barista Touch™ comes complete with a water filtration system to ensure your coffee is delicious, cup after cup - just remember to change your water filter every 90 days or after using 10.6 gallons of water. To change it, first remove and drain the water tank. Next, remove and discard the used water filter. Before inserting the new filter, set it to the current month, which makes it easier to keep track of the filter replacements. Next, reassemble the filter parts. Ensure they're firmly connected before installing the new filter into the water tank. Then click it firmly into place. Now fill the water tank with fresh, clean water right up to the fill line. Let it soak for five minutes before reinstalling the water tank into the Barista Touch™. Ensuring fresh, perfectly filtered water for each cup of coffee is that simple!

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