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How to make an americano

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Are you ready to make a rich, smooth Americano just like the pros do? Using your Barista Touch™, you can enjoy fresh, third wave specialty coffee from the comfort of your own home. First, swipe the touchscreen and select 'Americano.' Your first step toward making a delicious Americano is to grind the coffee beans. Next, tamp and trim the grounds for the perfect dose. (Check out our other video demonstrations on how to grind coffee beans and tamp and trim like a pro!). Now you’re ready to brew an Americano. Insert the portafilter into the group head and lock it into place. Set your cup below the spouts, and select the drink size you want to make. When you press 'Brew,' a stream of hot water begins to flow into your cup. After the water stops, the rich espresso extraction begins to flow. Wait until the espresso is completed. And there you have it—the perfect Americano at the touch of a button.

Find your perfect cup, take our quiz.

Find your perfect cup, take our quiz.Click here