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How to tamp and trim the dose

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An essential skill for brewing delicious, third wave specialty coffee like a pro is perfecting the tamp and trim to achieve the perfect dose of freshly ground coffee. Fortunately, the Barista Touch™ makes this step simple. Once you fill the filter basket with aromatic freshly ground beans, it’s time to tamp. Insert the head of the tamper on top of the grounds and press firmly. As a visual guide, the top edge of the metal cap on the tamper should be level with the metal ring of the filter basket. You have now tamped the coffee grounds, compressing them to form a “puck.” Next, it’s time to trim the dose for precision. Insert The Razor™, our precision dose trimming tool, into the filter basket. The “shoulders” of the trimming tool will rest on the edge of the filter basket. Rotate the trimming tool in one direction several times to trim away excess coffee grounds, allowing them to spill away from the puck. You have now tamped and trimmed like a professional barista!

Find your perfect cup, take our quiz.

Find your perfect cup, take our quiz.Click here