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How to automatically texture microfoam milk

Perfectly textured milk rounds out the full-bodied flavor of exceptional coffee, smoothing out the acidity while enhancing the delicate notes—all while presenting a velvety mouthfeel. It’s the secret to third wave specialty coffee. You no longer need a barista to create your perfectly textured milk—the Barista Touch™ textures milk to your exact specifications. Follow the simple process of using your Barista Touch™ to texture milk. Because it is essential to keep the milk steamer wand clean, we recommend purging the wand before and after each use. Just touch the 'Milk' icon on the touch screen to begin releasing hot steam through the wand. After a few seconds, touch the 'Milk' icon again to stop the flow of steam. Next, fill your milk jug with cold milk and insert the clean steam wand into it. The level of the milk should cover the ring on the steam wand tip. Touch the 'Milk' icon on the screen again to begin the texturing process. The machine will continue to steam the milk until it reaches the pre-programmed temperature. Remove the wand, wipe with a clean damp cloth, and add your perfectly textured milk to your coffee. Enjoy!

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