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How to create latte art: the dot

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Enjoy third wave specialty coffee at home with the Barista Touch™. Not only can you achieve the perfect extraction and create ideally textured milk, you can also create your own latte art. Enjoy the same quality flavor and aesthetics as though it’s been made by your favorite barista. Follow along as Leo Schmidt, a professional barista, demonstrates how to begin any style of latte art by forming 'The Dot.' This is the first exciting step toward creating a microfoam heart, tulip, or rosetta. Start with the jug of textured microfoam milk held high above your coffee cup. First, tilt the cup to create a larger surface area of the espresso. Then slowly begin to pour the milk into the center of the espresso. As the cup starts to fill, slowly turn it upright, continuing to add the milk. Now bring the tip of the jug close to the surface of the coffee. A dot will begin to form on the surface of the coffee. Continue pouring as the dot grows larger. Congratulations, you have completed the first step toward creating latte art! With plenty of practice, you’ll soon become an expert.

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