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How to create latte art: the tulip & rosetta

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By now, you know that the Barista Touch™ makes extracting the ideal shot of espresso and texturing microfoam milk a snap. Now it's time to learn how to create latte art. Thus far, you have learned how to create a microfoam milk dot, and then how to turn it into a heart. Now, let’s see how to create advanced latte art forms like the Tulip and the Rosetta. To create a rosetta latte art, tilt the coffee cup to enlarge the surface area of the coffee. Pour a steady stream of milk into the center of the crema. As the cup begins to fill, move the milk jug's spout closer to the coffee's surface. Gently wiggle the spout back and forth in small motions to create the leaf pattern. When the cup is nearly full, draw the line of the milk through the 'leaves' toward the cup's rim and lift the jug to finish. The Tulip begins precisely like The Rosetta. After the first dot forms, pause the pour. Then resume pouring again, briefly, very close to the original dot. Repeat this pour and pause 2-3 more times to create 'arcs'. Then, with the last of the milk, draw through the dots and lift to finish.

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