Roasting releases the aromatics and flavors locked within green coffee to give your beans that unique flavor profile.

The heat is on

“By roasting the bean, we penetrate its denseness and make it more brittle. It is a pivotal part of the process, between the efforts of the farmers who harvest the coffee and the baristas who brew it.”

Kristy (aka K-MAC), Besties Café + Floozy Roastery, Newcastle, Australia.

Light, medium, or dark?

No matter whether you choose a light, medium, or dark roast, each coffee goes through a huge number of steps to reach your cup. 

Roasting is a key part of that process. When roasting coffee, you have to consider a massive number of variables, from time and airflow to temperature and bean moisture content.

There are also many different types of roaster; the two most common are air roasters and drum roasters. Each different model has its own unique features, all of which affect how the bean behaves when it is roasted.

This video will give you a glimpse into the process of coffee roasting. It highlights just how much care goes into each batch, and looks at how that affects the flavors you experience in your cup of coffee.