Taste & Flavor

Being able to distinguish between the different flavors in your cup will help steer your preferences.

Navigating coffee taste and flavor

"To distinguish between ‘taste’ and ‘flavor’, we use a few simple factors. For example, ‘taste’ factors could be sweet, salt, sour, or bitter, while ‘flavor’ alludes more to the sensation – like body, mouthfeel, aftertaste, and juiciness."

Dan Yee, Artificer Coffee, Surry Hills, Sydney, Australia

Understanding different flavors

A big part of why people enjoy drinking great coffee is because they can articulate exactly what they’re tasting. As such, a better knowledge of taste and flavor helps you to appreciate good coffee and understand more about why it’s so delicious.

Ultimately, this will help you make more informed decisions when choosing a new bag of coffee.

Understanding the subtle differences between each flavor adds to how much you enjoy each cup. This video will give you some examples of what to look out for, help you understand different flavors, and teach you to bring out the best in your coffee at home.

Taste & Flavor