Foolproof Orange and Vanilla Creme Brulee
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Foolproof Orange and Vanilla Creme Brulee

Unlike a traditional brulee this isn’t cooked in a water bath yet it still retains a silky-smooth texture due to the oven’s gentle heat. A kitchen blow torch is essential for an evenly caramelized top.
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8 hrs total time

30 mins active time


Serves 4



  • heavy cream icon
    1½ cups (12 fl oz) heavy cream
  • milk icon
    ¾ cup (6 fl oz) milk
  • vanilla bean paste icon
    1 tbsp vanilla bean paste
  • orange icon
    1 orange
  • egg yolk icon
    4 oz egg yolks

    approx 8 large eggs

  • granulated sugar icon
    ⅓ cup (2 oz) granulated sugar
  • demerara sugar icon
    ¼ cup (1¾ oz) demerara sugar


  • 1Place the cream, milk and vanilla in a saucepan. Using a microplane grate over the orange zest to capture the oil and aroma. Bring to a boil over medium heat then immediately remove from the heat. Stand for 5 minutes to infuse.
  • 2Insert the wire rack into position 5. Set the oven to Bake, Convection, 210°F, for 1 hour, confirm Rotate Remind and press Start to preheat. Meanwhile, continue to the next step.
  • 3Whisk the egg yolks and sugar until just combined. The sugar will burn the egg if it’s whisked and allowed to stand for too long so immediately pour the warm cream into the egg yolks.
    Tip: Avoid over-whisking as it will aerate the mixture too much.
  • 4Pour the custard through a fine sieve and stand for 1 minute. This removes air bubbles and creates a smooth custard.
  • 5Place 4 x 6 fl oz ramekins (3½-inch diameter x 1½-inch deep) on the pizza pan and pour in the custard until three-quarters full.
  • 6Once preheated, place the pan in the oven. Pour in the remaining custard to avoid spilling. Using a blow torch, carefully run the flame across the top to remove air bubbles. Slowly slide the rack into the oven and cook for 1 hour. When the Rotate Remind signals, carefully rotate the pan and continue cooking.
  • 7The custard should have a slight wobble in the center. Cooked for too little, the custard will not set. Cooked for too long, the custard will curdle. If it’s not ready, cook a little longer.
  • 8Cool for 10 minutes then refrigerate uncovered, for at least 6 hours or overnight.
  • 9Evenly spread the demerara sugar over each custard then tip out the excess and clean the edges. Using the blow torch, carefully run the flame across the sugar until caramelized. Stand for 5 minutes to set.

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