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Filter basket rinse

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The Breville Bambino® will transform you from a coffee lover to an aficionado and at-home barista. As any barista worth their coffee knows, that means keeping your machine and accessories clean. For optimal cleanliness, rinse the filter basket after each brew following these steps. 1) Be sure the basket is completely cool before you rinse it. 2) Remove any remnant ground and separate it from the portafilter. 3) Rinse and brush it under hot water to remove any coffee oil residuals. If you notice blocked or clogged holes in the filter basket, dissolve a cleaning tablet that came with your machine in hot water. 4) Soak the filter basket and portafilter in the cleaning solution for around 20 minutes. 5) Rinse well and dry thoroughly before making your next cup of exceptional brew.

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Find your perfect cup, take our quiz.Click here