Espresso Machines

How to use the interface

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The Breville Bambino® features innovative technology that allows you to create beautiful third wave speciality coffee in your own kitchen. To make the best use of your new compact espresso machine, we recommend you familiarize yourself the machine’s interface before crafting that first delightful, barista-quality espresso. The interface consists of the '1-Cup' and '2-Cup' buttons, 'Hot Water' button, and 'Steam' button. Select '1-Cup' when making a single shot or '2-Cup' when making a double shot. Press the 'Steam' button to create textured milk after the steam wand is placed into the milk jug filled with fresh cold milk. Use the 'Hot Water' button when you’re looking for fast, clean hot water or when you want to make an Americano, with the water dispensing out of the steam wand. You’re now on your way to creating café-quality coffee in your home with your Breville Bambino®.

Find your perfect cup, take our quiz.

Find your perfect cup, take our quiz.Click here