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How to use the Smart Grinder Pro

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Use freshly ground coffee to make the perfect cup of brew with your Breville Bambino®. You’ve procured your beans within the ideal 5- to 30-day window after roasting, so it’s only fitting that you match the same level of care in the grind. That’s where Breville's Smart Grinder™ Pro comes in with its Dosing iQ® technology. Featuring 60 programmable settings to help you find your perfect grind size, it also minimizes grind heat to protect the beans' essential oils. This is where fresh coffee flavor is found. The Smart Grinder™ Pro allows you to finely ground your espresso directly into the portafilter. Select the right cup and filter basket size (single-wall is ideal to capture the character and notes of freshly roasted coffee). Then place the filter basket in the portafilter and insert it into the grinding cradle. Select your grind size as well as your grind level (single or double), then press the 'Start' button to begin grinding. Press the 'Start' button again to pause the grind and settle the coffee into the basket. To resume, press the 'Start' button again to finish the grind. Don’t worry if there seems to be an overflow of grounds, as all you have to do is tamp it down and you’re ready to insert the portafilter into the Bambino® for a fresh, flavorful espresso.

Find your perfect cup, take our quiz.

Find your perfect cup, take our quiz.Click here