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How to create latte art

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Now that you’ve achieved the perfect extraction, it’s time to work on your latte art. The key to creating expert latte art consists of three essential ingredients: a perfectly balanced espresso extraction, silky smooth textured milk, and plenty of practice. To begin, fill the jug with fresh cold milk to just below the spout mark. Lower the steam wand into the milk jug, ensuring the tip is below the surface. High-pressure steam at the ideal 260 degrees F creates thousands of tiny bubbles, resulting in a silky texture that's necessary to make beautiful designs. You will know that the milk is at the correct temperature when the jug becomes too hot to touch. When the milk is ready follow the 4-steps guide in creating your latte art: 1) Start with the jug high and tilt the cup of espresso to create a larger surface area into which you pour the perfectly textured milk. 2) Pour a thin, constant stream directly into the center, piercing the crema of the espresso. 3) As the cup fills, turn it more upright and bring the jug closer to the surface, almost touching. 4) As you do, a white 'dot' will start to form. Keep pouring consistently, making the dot larger. Congratulations, you'd learned the first step toward creating The Heart, Tulip, or Rosetta latte art.

Find your perfect cup, take our quiz.

Find your perfect cup, take our quiz.Click here