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How to create latte art: the tulip & rosetta

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As you get more confident making latte art, try your hand at creating The Rosetta and The Tulip, exquisite latte art shapes found in high-end cafés across the world. The Breville Bambino® helps you achieve such beauty. So put away the passport and grab the milk. After you've extracted your espresso and textured your milk, it’s time to begin the pour. All latte art begins with the same basic technique as The Dot. Pour a thin, constant stream of textured milk into the center of the espresso, holding the cup tilted. Lower the jug closer to the coffee, continuing to pour, and turn the cup more upright. As the dot begins to grow, your art can diverge into various patterns. 1) To create The Tulip, pause your pour, then begin to pour again very close to the surface, slightly pushing the milk away from you to create an arc. 2) Repeat the pause and pour 2-3 more times. 3) On the final pour, pour a thin line through the arcs, lifting the jug to finish. And there you have an exquisite tulip. 1) To create The Rosetta design, ensure the espresso cup is tilted and begin to pour thin stream, piercing the center of the crema. 2) As the white dot begins to form, keep the cup tilted and the pour stream higher than in other designs, and begin to wiggle your jug. 3) As you wiggle, the milk will begin to wrap around itself, almost creating a bowl shape on the surface. 4) Continue the wiggle pour and move the milk jug closer to the lip of the cup closest to you as you slowly tilt the cup more upright. 5) Finish by pulling a thin line of milk through the design and lift the jug up. You’ll see beautiful leaves in your impressive rosetta.

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Find your perfect cup, take our quiz.Click here