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How to clean and unblock the steam wand

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With the Breville Dual Boiler™, it’s never been easier to create barista-quality third wave specialty coffees at home. The machine’s innovative design allows for perfection in every detail, and regular cleaning is necessary to maintain that standard. Frequent care for your steam wand will produce more consistent pressure levels and contribute to a better-tasting final product. We show you how to clean and unblock the steam wand included with the Breville Dual Boiler™. First, it's ideal to wipe your steam wand clean and give it a purge after every use—this will produce a higher-quality cup. Occasionally, the holes in your steam wand may become blocked. In this case, you can clean it using the steam wand cleaning tool included with your machine. To clean the steam wand: 1) Locate the spanner in the middle of your included cleaning tool. 2) Use the spanner to unscrew the tip of the steam wand. 3) Allow the tip to soak in some hot water, and use the tool to unclog any holes. 4) Return the tip to the wand. 5) Turn the wand towards the machine.

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Find your perfect cup, take our quiz.Click here