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Group head purge

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Maintaining and cleaning your Breville Dual Boiler™ is crucial to creating barista-quality third wave specialty coffee at home. While some maintenance routines can be saved for deep-cleans only, others should be performed before or after every use. Purging your group head is one of those tasks—otherwise, you may experience a build-up of coffee oils and residue. We recommend following a 4-step cleaning routine for your group head prior to each use. 1) Before brewing, insert your intended filter basket into the group head. 2) Place your portafilter into the group head 3) Press the '1-Cup' button to flow water through the group head for five seconds. 4) Press the '1-Cup' button again to cease the flow. Your group head will now be free of any residual coffee and at a stable temperature. You're now ready to extract and brew your espresso!

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