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How to clean portafilter and filter basket

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With the Breville Dual Boiler™, third wave specialty coffee is always at your fingertips. Our innovative design allows home coffee enthusiasts to brew barista-quality cups in their own home, any time they please. To create the highest-quality drinks possible, it’s crucial for owners to properly maintain their machine and engage in a regular cleaning routine. This is particularly important for your machine’s portafilter and filter basket. We'll walk you through three easy and effective methods for cleaning the portafilter and basket included with their Breville Dual Boiler™. First, remove the filter basket and give it a good clean with a scouring brush, mild detergent, and hot water. You can also use a cleaning tablet to soak the metal bit of the portafilter. Finally, flush the portafilter after brewing a shot. If you follow these tips, your portafilter and basket will be squeaky clean—and your coffee will taste all the better for it.

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Find your perfect cup, take our quiz.Click here