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How to perform a cleaning cycle

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To make the most of the Breville Dual Boiler™, regular maintenance and cleaning is crucial—and the smart design of this machine makes that easy. We'll tell you how to perform a clean cycle to produce better extractions and prevent a buildup of oils, milk, or grounds. If your LCD screen currently shows the 'Cleaning' icon, read our step-by-step guide or watch along. 1) Find the grey silicon disc and a cleaning tablet—these were supplied with your machine. Place a 1-cup filter basket into the portafilter, followed by the disc and tablet. 2) Put the portafilter into the group head and turn to the right to hold it in place. 3) Empty the drip tray and fill your tank with cold water. 4) Press 'Menu.' When 'Clean Cycle' flashes and the LCD screen reads 'PUSH,' press the alight 'Manual' button. When the 'Clean Cycle' flashes, a 370-second countdown has begun. 5) At the end of the cleaning cycle, remove the portafilter to check if the tablet has fully dissolved. If not, repeat the above steps until it is dissolved and clear. 6) Give the filter basket and portafilter a rinse. You’re ready to brew!

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