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Dual Boiler

The complete walkthrough

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Become a home barista with Breville’s Dual Boiler™. This machine features two individual boilers, allowing espresso aficionados to make café-quality brews in their own kitchens. Join real coffee experts—including a professional barista and coffee roaster—on a walkthrough of creating third wave specialty coffee at home. Our hosts will take you through the exciting journey of mastering the art of coffee with your Dual Boiler™, from understanding our system’s unique “4 keys formula” to creating the perfect cup in the variation of your choice. We'll walk you through unboxing, flushing, and setting up your new Dual Boiler™; selecting the right beans with the help of a pro; the 4 keys formula; expert espresso extraction and grind tips; the science of milk texturing and the ideal milk texture; nailing the perfect pour and latte art; and getting creative and customizing your new machine. Once you understand the fundamentals of using the innovative Dual Boiler™ system, a world of intrigue is at your fingertips. You can experiment with all forms of third wave specialty coffee, from flat whites and lattes to mochas and even espresso martinis.

Find your perfect cup, take our quiz.

Find your perfect cup, take our quiz.Click here