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How to automatically texture microfoam milk

Many Breville Dual Boiler™ users love to create beautiful latte art with their coffee creations. The key to this? Silky smooth microfoam milk, which you can manually texture milk with your Breville Dual Boiler™ steam wand. Texturing your milk will create the perfect microfoam for latte art and give you a smooth velvety finish to your coffee. To do so, 1) Pour cold milk into your jug, just below the tip. 2) Purge the steam wand by lifting the 'Steam' lever, and switch off. 3) Place the steam wand 1-2 cm into the milk jug. 4) Keeping its tip just beneath the milk’s surface, move the wand into an open position. The milk should move in a clockwise “whirlpool” motion. 5) Lower the jug to introduce air. 6) When the whirlpool is fast, bring the tip to the surface of the milk. Eventually, you’ll get the right volume. 7) The milk is heated when the jug is hot to touch. 8) Turn the 'Steam' lever off, lift the wand from the milk, and wipe it with a damp cloth. 9) Lift the 'Steam' lever to purge any leftover milk from the wand. 10) Tap the milk jug to remove bubbles.

Find your perfect cup, take our quiz.

Find your perfect cup, take our quiz.Click here