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How to create latte art: the dot

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With the Breville Dual Boiler™, coffee aficionados can skip the café queues and achieve professional-quality latte art at home. This is an opportunity to master several barista methods, from creating the ideal extraction to steaming perfectly textured microfoam milk to creating latte art. We'll show you the cornerstone of latte art creation: 'The Dot.' 1) Begin with your milk jug held high over a tilted cup of espresso. 2) In a thin, constant steam, pour your microfoam into the coffee—be sure to “piece” the crema at the center. 3) Carefully bring the cup upright as it begins to fill. 4) Move the lip of the jug towards the center of the cup—it should almost touch the surface. 5) A white dot should appear. Continue to pour and it should grow. Congratulations, you’ve created a latte art “dot!” From here, you can create other latte art classics, like The Rosetta, Heart, or Tulip.

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Find your perfect cup, take our quiz.Click here