Sous Vide Cooker Machines

Say goodbye to overcooking with a sous vide machine - perfect results in just 3 easy steps. Simply season your food and put it in a bag, place it in the water bath and finish with a sear. The sous vide method is a cooking method that uses a vacuum bag heated at a precise temperature in a water bath. It allows you to cook chicken breast, pork chop, or delicate fish at a constant low temperature to keep the meat moist and flavorful.

The Breville Joule Sous Vide heats your food to the perfect desired temperature - no more, no less - which means that your food won't overcook, ever.

The connected Breville+ for sous vide cooking is compatible with iPhone or Android—connect with Bluetooth alone, or cook from anywhere with WiFi. Using Visual Doneness, we’ll show you how your food will turn out before you even open the fridge.

Smaller. Simpler. Smarter. Start cooking sous vide with a Breville Sous Vide cooker today.

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