Iced Latte

Who said coffee needs to be hot? A classic iced latte is easy to make and delightfully refreshing on a warm summer day.


Tip - As the ice and milk will dilute the flavours, choose a robust, darker roast of coffee to help achieve better balance.

What you need


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Tall Glass

Cold Milk

Double Espresso Shot

1. Preparation

Pour the cold milk into the glass and drop in a handful of ice cubes. 

2. Grind and Tamp

Grind between 18-22g of freshly roasted coffee beans. Give the portafilter a few gentle taps to settle the grounds before tamping on a level surface. Remember, consistent pressure is key. Use the Razor tool after tamping to ensure you have the correct dose - it precisely controls the height of the tamped coffee. 

3. Extract Espresso Shot

Place the portafilter into the group head. Twist until it’s firmly in place. Then extract a double espresso into a small jug or glass. A double shot should give you an extraction time around 30 seconds. Look for a flow that looks like warm honey and crema topping of pure black coffee. Pour the hot espresso over the milk and ice and swirl to blend it together.