The 4 Keys Formula

Like professional machines, all Breville machines can deliver third wave specialty coffee at home, made possible by the 4 Keys Formula.

Setting standards

“We developed the 4 Keys Formula for all Breville machines to provide a clear standard, so we don’t compromise on delivering quality coffee. We want to help coffee lovers enjoy the very best that specialty coffee has to offer from the comfort of their home.”

Ryan McLachlan, Coffee Specialist at Breville.

The keys to delicious coffee at home

The 4 Keys Formula was developed to elevate standards for making espresso and to allow people to drink third wave specialty coffee at home. Our team has come together to look at every single detail that goes into making the perfect cup of coffee. This knowledge has led us to the 4 Keys:

1. The Ideal Dose 

2. Optimal Pressure 

3. Precise Temperature 

4. Powerful Steam 

Getting to know your machine and understanding why each step is important will help you pull great-tasting café-quality espresso shots from the comfort of your home. 

This video will show you the four key steps that make for delicious coffee and smooth, velvety microfoam on any Breville machine.

The 4 Keys Formula