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How to automatically texture milk

A velvety smooth textured milk can enhance the taste and mouthfeel of your deliciously crafted coffee, which The Oracle™ Touch can create for you automatically. The automated touch screens on The Oracle™ Touch can simplify the process for you, creating a perfectly textured milk that even professionals would envy. 1) Before you begin texturing your milk, make sure to first purge the steam wand by touching the machine's ‘Milk’ button. 2) After purging the wand with steam, touch the icon again to stop the steam. 3) Next, fill the milk jug with fresh cold milk, just below the spout position. 4) Then lift the steam wand and insert it into the milk jug. 5) Lower the steam wand, allowing it to click into place. 6) To start texturing your milk, touch the 'Milk’ button again. 7) As the milk heats from the steam, the screen will display the temperature of the milk. With The Oracle™ Touch, milk texturing will automatically stop when you reach the selected milk temperature. 8) Next, lift the steam wand to remove the milk jug and then wipe the wand and tip with a clean damp cloth. 9) Then lower the steam wand to a downward position, which will activate the automatic purging function. 10) It's important to remember that different brands of milk and milk alternatives will texture differently, so you may need to adjust your texture levels accordingly. Making your favourite café coffee at home has never been so easy!