Espresso (also known as a short black or single shot) is the quintessential unadulterated coffee. An intense shot of concentrated coffee with a layer of crema, espresso is the flavour base of other coffee beverages like the cappuccino, the flat white, and the latte


Tip - For optimal flavour, control the speed of the espresso flow. Generally, grinding finer will slow the flow and grinding coarser will speed it up. A good guide to start with for a double shot is 19g dose of ground coffee resulting in 38g of liquid coffee, extracted within 20-30 seconds.

What you need


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Small Glass or Demitasse

1 Espresso Shot

1. Preparation

First, purge the machine by running hot water through the group head into the portafilter. Remove the portafilter and wipe clean. This helps to pre-heat the group head and portafilter for a better tasting espresso and a hotter first cup.

2. Grind and Tamp

Pour freshly roasted beans into the hopper and grind between 18-22g into the portafilter. Use a scale to be more precise. Give the portafilter a few gentle taps to settle the grounds before tamping on a level surface. Remember, consistent pressure is key. Use the Razor tool after tamping to ensure you have the correct dose - it precisely controls the height of the tamped coffee. 

3. Extract Espresso Shot

 Place the portafilter into the group head. Twist until it’s firmly in place.  Before you start the shot, make sure you set your cups underneath. Hit the two cup button.  Espresso should drop from the spouts after around 8-10 seconds with a flow that resembles warm honey.  

4. Refining the Taste

Remember, different beans will require adjusting the recipe. Aim for 1 fl. oz or 20-30mls of liquid per cup in about 25-30 secs. Adjust grind size to suit.