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the Fast Slow GO™

Go Simple

With the easy to use interface you’re just a click or two away from a variety of delicious dishes. Now you can pressure cook, slow cook, sauté, steam, stew, make risotto, yoghurt and sous vide and so much more, all with a single cooker.

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Model: BPR680BSS2JAN1
Colour options:
Brushed Stainless Steel
the Fast Slow GO™

Product DNA

Diagram of the 3 features mentioned and labelled as "1", "2" and "3".

Go safe

Stainless steel construction with 3-way safety system incorporating a Pressure Release Valve, a Pressure Safety Valve, and a Safety Locking Pin.

Cooking bowls and trivet are easily removeable for cleaning.

Go stainless

Featuring a large 6L stainless steel cooking bowl and trivet. Open the lid and pop in the dishwasher for easy cleaning.

Press the release button to release pressure and steam.

Go hands-free

3 hands-free steam release settings. Natural pressure which slowly subsides inside without releasing steam, Pulse pressure which releases in bursts to reduce disturbance to the food and Auto Quick pressure is released quickly to minimise overcooking.

Finger pressing on the buttons. 14 buttons available for settings.

Easy to use interface

With 14 shortcuts and appliance settings at your fingertips. Including; Soup, Stock, Meat, Stew, Steam, Sauté, Legumes, Rice/Grains, Risotto, Yoghurt, Reduce, Sous Vide.

Jar of freshly made yoghurt with rasberries and muesli.

Yoghurt shortcut

Make up to 2L of delicious and healthy yoghurt at home.

Steak sliced open to show perfect medium rare doneness.

Sous vide shortcut

Cook meat and vegetables evenly from edge to edge with precisely regulated temperature.

Product Specification

Dimensions (WxDxH) 31 x 35 x 33 cm
Warranty 1 Year Replacement Warranty
Construction Materials Brushed Stainless Steel
Capacity 6L
Settings 14 Shortcuts & Appliance Settings. Including; Soup, Stock, Meat, Stew, Steam, Sauté, Legumes, Rice/Grains, Risotto, Yoghurt, Reduce, and Sous Vide.

The Fast Slow GO™ : 14 shortcuts to delicious dishes in just one pot : Breville NZ