Delicious omelettes in no time

Add your favourite fillings and close the lid for quick omelettes.

the Light and Fluffy™
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the Light and Fluffy™


How do you make light & fluffy omelettes, quiches and cakes in the same pocket?

 The Light & Fluffy ™ contains deep cooking pockets to fit up to 2 large eggs per omelette, without the need to flip.  

Model: LEG250GRY2JAN1
Colour options:
the Light and Fluffy™
the Light and Fluffy™

Product DNA

A Bit More ™

A Bit More Settings™ settings for, well…that little bit more.

Digital LED Countdown Timer

Countdown timer to track your snack.

Countdown timer

Adds a bit more time if you want a bit more crisp.

Overflow Moat

Catches and Cooks Overflow.

Product Specifications

12.1 x 23.1 x 29.1 cm
1 Year Replacement
Construction Materials
Stainless Steel Aluminium non-stick cooking plate
Cooks up to 2 eggs per omelette and fits all your favourite fillings
1000 Watts