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the AquaStation™ Purifier

Instant filtered water with fast dispensing at the touch of a button. the AquaStation™ Purifier delivers cleaner, great-tasting filtered water in a sleek compact portable design and a large 3L water tank for less refilling during the day. With no plumbing required, it's ready to use on your kitchen benchtop or in your home office.


the AquaStation™ Purifier Hot

Hot water or instant filtered water with fast dispensing at the touch of a button. The Activ360™ Fast Flow 4-Stage Filtration, filters water 3X faster than traditional jug filter claims. That's 1.3litres of filtered tap water in as little as one minute. This is made possible for the water to pass through the 360° design and large surface area of the filter. It removes contaminants such as chemicals like chlorine found in tap water, that cause bad taste and odour. It also removes limescale and overall improves the taste of your water.


Replacement AquaStation™ Water Filters

The Activ360™ 4-stage fast flow water filtration system provides cleaner, great-tasting filtered water. The filter change alert on all AquaStation™ Purifiers is set at 90 days or approximately 200L of water, whichever comes first, with performance based on typical municipal drinking water quality. However, water quality may vary considerably from one area to the next which may affect the life of the water filter and more frequent replacement may be required.


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