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October 2014 Breville Smarts Help You Grill Like A Pro click here

October 2014 Recipe Collection Means Pizza Crust Perfection click here

September 2014. Breville Announces Settlement in USA of its False & Misleading Advertising Litigation against Hurom click here

July 2014 Australian Chefs and Foodies Inspired by the Breville Fast Slow Cooker click here

July 2014. Breville Partners with How To Cook That click here

June 2014 Crispy Golden Waffles for Every Occasion click here

April 2013. All in One. The 'Heston Tested' one-stop kitchen tool click here.  

March 2014 "Choice" News For The Breville Quick Touch Microwaves click here

December 2012. Juice Fountain Crush. Tap into a fountain of juice click here.

October 2012. Cranberry Range. Cranberry the colour of choice for cooks click here.

September 2012. Sous Vide Supreme. Art of sous vide cooking now possible at home click here.

August 2012. Infuser Espresso Machine. Cappucino and latte the favourite espresso click here.

July 2012. Smart Fryer. Restaurant quality deep frying click here.

July 2012. Fresh Keeper Vacuum Sealer. Vac pack for travelling convenience click here.

June 2012. Thermal Pro Frypans. Frypans that will revolutionise home cooking click here.

May 2012. Fast Slow Pressure Cooker & Multi Chef.  Slow food meets fast innovation technology click here.

April 2012. Chill Control Water Filter. Hydrate at home with custom temperature, filtered drinking water click here.

April 2012. Infuser Espresso Machine. Infusing home espresso with commercial technology click here.

April 2012. Handy Stand Mixer. Handy kitchen mixer on stand-by click here.

March 2012. Multi Chef. One pot cooking for meal time variety click here.

February 2012. Colour Range. Add colour to the kitchen click here.

December 2011. Cooking Products. Take the kitchen on the road with new compact designs click here.

December 2011. Juicers. Raw ingredients a juicy way to be healthy click here.

December 2011. Crystal Clear Kettle. Clarity in the cup with new see-through kettle click here.

November 2011. Dual Burner Grill. An indoor grill for outdoor BBQ style meals click here.

September 2011. Dual Boiler Espresso Machine. Home espresso meets the commercial cafe click here.

April 2011. Kitchen Wizz Pro. Horizontal slicing and powerful precision with new generation 'wizz' click here.

March 2011. Control Grip. Take control of blending click here.

March 2011. Flavour Maker. Flavour layering for delicious wholesome meals click here.