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There is more to luxury than meets the eye

the Barista Pro™

Barista-quality performance with a new intuitive interface that provides all the information you need to create third wave specialty coffee at home. The built-in grinder delivers the right amount of ground coffee on demand, for full flavor. With a 3 second heat up time and precise espresso extraction, you go from bean to cup, faster than ever before.

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the Barista Pro in colour Red Velvet Cake

the Smart Kettle™ Luxe

This 7 cup capacity kettle knows the ideal temperature to bring out optimal taste and quality of your favorite tea or coffee. 5 temperature settings to brew Black, Green, White, Oolong Tea and French press coffee. Also features a soft opening lid to gently release hot steam and prevent hot water splash back.

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the Smart Kettle Luxe in colour Red Velvet Cake

the Toast Select™ Luxe

The Toast Select Luxe adjusts the toasting time for each type of bread. 'Lift & Look' to check if it's done. Press 'A Bit More' and to give it just that… a little bit more. Follow toasting progress with the LED countdown indicator. Crafted with brushed stainless steel in premium metallic finishes and chrome accents.

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the Toast Select Luxe in colour Red Velvet Cake

the Fresh & Furious®

One touch programs for instant smoothies, green smoothies and ice crushing to make what is a rough start, a smooth finish.

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the Fresh & Furious blender in colour Red Velvet Cake

the Handy Mix Scraper™

Equipped with our Beater IQ™ technology, the Handy Mix Scraper™ detects which attachment you’ve inserted and adjusts to the optimal speed.

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the Handy Mix Scraper in colour Red Velvet Cake