The Oracle™ Jet

Automate your at-home brewing.

The benchmark in espresso redefined

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The new standard in performance, automation & speed

Auto grind
Auto grind

Using Baratza European Precision burrs with 45 grind settings delivers superior grinds quality.

Auto dose

Precisely dose between 18-22g into a 58mm commercial size portafilter.

Auto tamp

Consistent mess free tamping taking out the need for guesswork.

Cafe quality coffee with barista guidance

Enjoy a perfectly balanced extraction with Barista Guidance. This intelligent feature automatically identifies over or under-extracted espresso shots, prompting you to adjust the grind size setting for the perfect shot.

Ready to go in seconds

Explore precision extraction with ThermoJet® technology. The heated group head, powered by ThermoJet®, maintains a consistent 93°C for customizable extraction. Simultaneously, the instantaneous boiler achieves optimal temperature in seconds, featuring a printed metal-ceramic heating circuit fused to an ultra-thin stainless steel plate which is super precise, highly responsive and more energy efficient.

Craft cold brew & cold espresso

Lowering extraction temperatures diminishes acidic notes, resulting in a light and smooth flavor profile. The Oracle® Jet extracts Cold Brew in under 3 minutes, while Cold Espresso, topped with crema, is extracted in just over 1 minute.

Hands-free microfoam with alternative milk settings

Tailored for alternative milks, Auto MilQ™ calibrates pressure, temperature, and timing based on milk type. The updated milk wand, equipped with an inbuilt sensor, monitors milk temperature directly. Explore 35 settings within a 40° to 75°C temperature range, 8 microfoam levels, and a cool-touch steam wand for flawless latte art.

Responsive 5" hi-res touchscreen

Introducing our new Dark Mode, a first-ever feature, enhanced by our latest Quad-Core Processor for improved graphics. Enjoy rich video animations and stay connected with Wi-Fi for seamless software and feature updates, ensuring the best-in-class user experience.

Available in these Luxe colours

Brushed stainless steel
Brushed Stainless Steel
Black Truffle
Black Truffle
Sea Salt

Fast heat-up time with the ThermoJet® heating system

Easy step-by-step 3D interactive setup


If an instruction booklet isn’t your thing, we’ve partnered with BILT® Intelligent Instructions for a seamless and interactive product setup.

the Oracle® Jet

the Oracle™ Jet