Espresso Machines

How to adjust shot volume, duration and temperature

The perfect espresso extraction is the foundation of the delicious, café-style coffees you love like the Americano, latte, cappuccino, café mocha, and much more. The Bambino® allows you to customize its shot volume, so you can make your favorite coffee drinks exactly as you like. Follow along with the video to learn how to save your espresso shot volume for future brewing with both the ‘1-Cup’ and the ‘2-Cup’ buttons. Let’s start, for example, by adjusting the shot volume for the ‘1-Cup’ button: 1) Begin by grinding your coffee beans, tamping, and trimming the dose. 2) Next, press and hold both the '1-Cup' and the '2-Cup' buttons simultaneously. After a couple of seconds, the buttons will flash. 3) Press either the ‘1-Cup’ button to start your extraction. 4) Once you’ve reached your desired volume, press the ‘1-Cup’ button again to stop extraction. Your desired shot volume is now saved to the ‘1-Cup’ button. These steps can be repeated for the ‘2-Cup’ button as well. Have fun customizing and dialing in your Bambino® experience!

Find your perfect cup, take our quiz.

Find your perfect cup, take our quiz.Click here